2014 – The year that was …

Well, as they say, another year has come and gone. I always like doing the year-end roundup and thinking back on the milestone moments that shaped me, whether good or bad. I think of everything in life as a learning experience … everything is a reason to become smarter, and kinder and wiser. This year was no different. This year was a special year for me on a personal level; the year I turned 40.

Funny when you think back to all the things that help shape a year, you remember your life in flashes. As if they took place in the flashback scenes of a movie.

  • We had a provincial election. It is always a stressful time for Anglophones in QC. We take stock of our life; decide what we are going to do when the next referendum happens … do we move before or after? So many questions. We get a reprieve for 4 years, but we are always aware that eventually, we’ll be back there again.
  • I went away for my birthday. I went to New York City and spent 3 glorious days with my bff. We went to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch and then met Neil Patrick Harris, who has always been one of my favourite people in the world, not to mention an amazing talent. He called me sweet … Lili got in on video … I will never forget it. We also went to experience Sleep No More, which was by far, one of the life altering moments of my life. I can’t describe it to you all. Something that must be experience to be understood. My 40s started off amazing.
  • I got to meet yet another member of the fellowship of the ring … that brings my total to 3. I hope to meet all 9 eventually. What a great day that will be.
  • Through a crazy, random happenstance, I became friends with a lovely, sweet girl this year. I don’t make friends easily and this was such a great surprise … she has quickly become one of my favourite people in the world and I can’t wait to dance (and possibly dress up in costume) for her wedding soon.
  • I went to my first adult Halloween costume party and it was amazing!
  • By far, the most unbelievable event of my life happened at Montreal Comiccon this year. First of all, I was asked to put on a charity screening of Serenity. Then I was asked to be staff at the event for the whole weekend. I met so many amazing people that I consider myself lucky to know. I hope that this will continue for many years to come. I now can’t imagine ever NOT being a part of such an awesome event, put together by a great group of people. Spending the entire weekend with a bunch of geeks was perfection.

Of course there were other highlights … other little moments that I won’t forget. I saw a bunch of movies, most of which were excellent. Guardians of the Galaxy was my favourite of the year … performance of the year goes to Eddie Redmayne for The Theory of Everything, who blew me away.

I got to spend a lot of time with my bff, my mom, my sis and brother in law. At the end of last year, I decided I would get rid of the negative people in my life and I have managed to do that for the most part so 2014 was a much happier year for me.

I can’t end the year without saying something about the smaller “people” in my life. My little kitty Mimi is the highlight of my life and without her, I would be a lonely, sad person. She brings me so much joy, such peace and so much laughter that I couldn’t imagine my life without her. Our first family pet, however, is my sister’s beautiful cat Nooni. She is by far the loveliest, sweetest, most talkative little one I have ever met. She got sick this year and it looks like maybe, very shortly we won’t have her around any longer. And that makes me so sad. She is almost 17 years old, and although we know she is getting old, it doesn’t make accepting her fate any easier. Although I know for sure, if ever someone is going to go to heaven, it’s her. She will be missed more than she knows. And she is loved more than she knows. She changed our lives and the past 11 years would have been rotten without her. We are blessed to have known her and when her time comes, I am comforted in knowing that she will be with my dad and that one day, we will see both of them again.

So, thus my year comes to an end … I started this blog at the beginning of 2014 in the hopes that I can write a good story … we are all, after all, stories in the end. I wonder if the one I write in 2015 will be even better. Somehow I have a feeling it will be … a little birdie told me something amazing will happen.