I long for the day …

For years, we have been hearing this argument … being gay can be controlled, being gay is not normal, being gay goes against peoples’ beliefs and being gay goes against the traditional values instilled in society.

Homosexuality has existed in humans and other creatures since before any time any of us remembers … and can anyone tell me why? Because it is normal and it is part of how some of us were created. Telling someone they can choose not to be gay is like telling me I can choose not to be straight. I am straight. I love men and nothing can make me change my mind because it is who I am … it is my nature. I was born that way.

Religious nuts will argue that the bible says this and that … these are the same people who read the bible literally and don’t understand that the bible is full of allegories and parables … it is not meant to be taken on a literal note. But I suppose the same people who oppose gay people would not understand that concept.

Even for those traditionalists who are opposed to the “gay concept” on the grounds that our traditional family values are being altered, why can’t that be seen as a good thing? We are adapting and evolving and for humans, isn’t that the best way for us to better ourselves, our environment and our society?

We live in a world of hatred … humans appear to naturally always go in that direction … war is always happening in one corner of the world or another (and sometimes even in our back yards). Why is it so wrong for a group of people, who are not unlike you and me, to want the right to love who they want and to be able to share that love with their friends and family?
How I long for a day when it is not gay and straight, black and white, male and female … how I long for a day when we are all just people, living together in a peaceful world … when my neighbours can consist of families who love and respect each other, kids who are growing up in households full of love with parents who care for them and raise them right … what a glorious day that will be.